Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Solomon turned 14 this week. I'm totally and unashamedly biased, but he is a GREAT kid. He's funny, thoughtful, compassionate, smart, and responsible. He makes strange, goofy faces and the best chocolate chip cookies ever. He is goal-oriented and honest. In our family you get to order what you want for your birthday dinner and he asked for pork chops with mango chutney: YUM! Robert made an 'ono apple pie to top it off. Here's Solomon pretending he doesn't know I'm taking his picture.

Kaela and her friend, Sam, visited Labor Day weekend. We explored Kaumana Cave. The caves are part of a lava tube from a 1881 eruption of Mauna Loa. Two miles of it are fairly easily accessible. History has it that Princess Ruth Ke`elikolani stood in front of the advancing lava praying, beseeching Pele to spare Hilo. The flow stopped a mile short of the city, so apparently her prayers were answered.

Kelsey works at Circling Raven Golf Course in Worley, ID. She told me about what I think is a terrifying idea: night golfing! She plans to take the GRE in October.
This is how I look when I'm grinding concrete. No wonder Robert loves me!

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  1. Happy Birthday Solomon! He looks more grown up now than when you left that's for sure. Kaela looked great in the photo too! Laying tile--not fun. We leave that to experts. Nice to hear what Kelsey is up to though Dennis would love golf connection. Good for her and the GRE!