Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I went with our Cub Scout Pack on the Hawaii Heritage Trail hike. It winds 6.5 miles around Hilo where hikers collect information at various sites of historical importance. Boys who fill out a questionnaire earn a patch. Five Cubs made the trek today. The photo with their Webelos leader was taken on a foot bridge in Wailoa Park (near the King Kamehameha statue, if you know where that is).

And this is after cooling off at Coconut Island. Yep. Cub Scouts is all about fun.

Robert is laying tile at our house. We have a fairly open floor plan so there are large rooms without a lot of walls. We decided to lay the tile diagonally so the length wasn't accentuated. I think it's tricky, but Robert is doing a great job. He is such a renaissance man! Here are two important things I've learned about tiling: 1) abandon all tendencies toward perfectionism, and 2) start with a flat floor!

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  1. This past Sunday I took the scout picture of you with Cooper from the wall in the primary room. I figured it was pretty old and no one would care. it may be the only scout picture I ever have of any of my kids. It's cool that you are so involved and your kids seem to love it. You go girl! The house is coming along!!