Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday, December 15

Melody visited Monday and brought kitchen, cleaning, and other supplies to make our lives easier. Maxine has been taking good care of us, too, and keeping us supplied with lau lau.
Our container was delivered Tuesday morning and now (Thursday afternoon) it's more than 80% unloaded. I already wish we'd gotten rid of more stuff before we moved. We have a few people lined lined up to help with the heavy items tomorrow.
On Saturday we head to Oahu for Kelsey's graduation. Then she'll come to the Big Island on Dec 23 and stay with us for a little while. Kaela plans to join us in January. It will be fun to be all together here.
There are no post office boxes to be had in the area so we're on a waitlist at the two closest Post Offices. In the meantime, you can write to us at GENERAL DELIVERY, KURTISTOWN, HI 96760.
Here's what our new neighborhood looks like:

More to get the car registered at the DMV.

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