Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday, December 19

We finished unloading our container on Friday with help from friends. MAHALO! Saturday we went to Oahu for Kelsey's graduation. It was lots of fun and we're so happy for Kelsey. She'll come here for a few weeks while she waits to hear about a job on the mainland she applied for. She'll celebrate Christmas and her birthday with us. We're looking for good airline ticket prices for Kaela to come in January.

Our Microsoft friends in Seattle will be astonished to hear that we aren't scheduled to get internet service at home until January 12th. More than a month since moving here! Things move at a different pace. Also, most homes here have metal roofs and that makes our cell phone reception "humbug." We hadn't planned to get a land line but we're reconsidering.
Robert was asked yesterday to be the Scoutmaster for our Troop. Tomorrow they leave for a winter camp out. Solomon is looking forward to winter camping with night time temperatures in the 60's instead of below zero. Abraham and I will unpack boxes while they're gone and try to really make our rental house seem like home.

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  1. So glad everything is going well! Congrats to Kelsey! Can't wait to see some pictures. Have a wonderful Christmas!!