Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

A couple of weeks ago we hiked Kiluea Iki. I saw the trail across the crater twenty-something years ago when I visited Volcano National Park and I've wanted to do this hike ever since! 

The hike starts on the rim and descends to the dormant crater. It hasn't erupted since 1959. The forest above is lush and cool. The crater is not lush or cool. Many of the rocks are so porous they're practically weightless and I love how the ohia grow and bloom literally in the middle of nothing. Click here to take your own virtual hike: Kilauea Iki.


It's a little disturbing that I've reached the point in life that I'd rather be seen in public in this hat than risk sunburn! Is this what my dad meant when he said, "You'll get better as you get older"?

A couple of days after this hike Robert hiked to Halape, also in Volcano National Park. He's a Scoutmaster and was checking it out for a possible backpacking trip with the Boy Scouts. Halape is an oasis with a white sand beach and palm trees surrounded by lava flow. It's a turtle nesting area and has fresh water ponds. If it pans out, the Scouts will remove an invasive species of shrimp from the ponds while they're there. The hike is 8 miles and 3000 feet down the mountain and over the pali, then 11 miles out following the coast trail. Robert and I have been up early walking every morning to get in shape for this. They hiked in Monday and hiked out Tuesday. He came home hungry, exhausted, and really glad he'd gone.

May 4th is Star Wars Day!

In news closer to home and not in a galaxy far, far away...we passed our plumbing and electrical inspections and drywall started yesterday!
dining room
 front door
master bedroom

On Mother's Day we had a potluck in our carport. Robert's sister and her husband came and here are the three sisters: Aina, Verna (Robert's mom), and Francis. We love you!

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